Year of Acceleration

It's been a year of acceleration at King's Church International and this continued on Sunday 22 May with Pastor Wes Richards announcing that six new couples would be joining his senior team to complete the team of 12 couples.

Pastor Wes said: "It was a privilege a great privilege to anoint the new team of 12 proven and faithful couples as leaders of King's Church International, Windsor."

Engagement of Senior Pastor

We recently heard the fantastic news that Pastor Wes would be getting married to Adriana Bastidas from MCI Church in Bogota, Colombia, 14 years after losing his wife, Carol to cancer. You can find out more about his engagement here.

Pastor Wes has been praying for six extra couples to complete the team, which has been made up of six couples for the past few years. This season of transition has been the perfect time to complete the work that God has been doing.

Following The Model of Jesus

As a church we are following Jesus' model of forming teams of 12, so Pastor Wes was delighted to be able to complete his team with 12 men and 12 women. Pastor Wes will oversee a group of 12 men, with his daughter Pastor Melody Erasmus overseeing the women's senior 12 while Adriana settles into the church.


The 12 couples are Pastors Terry & Margaret Beasley, Pastors Drikus & Melody Erasmus, Pastors James & Vasti Richards, Pastors Wesley & Wilana Richards, Mike and Natasha Airey, Dushy and Dilina Goonawardhane, Paul and Lyndsey Harding, Tim and Clare Holmes-Clough, Jamal and Brenda Johnston, Greg and Dorota Nazaruk, Mike and Jacqui Simpson, and Paul and Sarah Webb.