Pastor Wes Richards

Wes Richards, a former evening newspaper journalist, became a pastor of the church aged 25 and Senior Pastor aged 28. His father, Pastor Billy Richards, started the church in 1943.

In 2015, KCI celebrated the 40 years that Pastor Wes has been a minister of the church. In that time he has led the church through many challenges and changes and spoken at many large national and international events including Spring Harvest, Grapevine, New Frontiers International and the G12 International Conference. His Master’s Degree in Theology was a dissertation on the impact of the global Holy Spirit movement.

He has been passionate about taking the gospel to all areas of life and preaching the whole gospel of salvation, supernatural miracles and of social care and justice.

He has also written for many Christian magazines including Restoration Magazine.



Pastor Wes published Hope and a Future in 2012. 

Hope And A Future is Pastor Wes Richards' memoir of 'love, loss and living again,’ telling the story of how his family recovered from great sadness after the death of his wife Carol from cancer in 2002.

After Carol’s death, the three Richards children, Wesley, James and Melody met and then married two sisters and a brother from the same South African family. Today all three couples serve as pastors in the church, some as members of staff.

Pastor Wes Richards now has 13 grandchildren; nine boys and four girls.

‘I could never have foreseen how our story would unfold after so much sadness. When we were at our lowest moments we found that our story was not over. Far from it. Your story is not over either.
— Pastor Wes
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In 2016, Pastor Wes experienced another phase in his story as he met Adriana in Bogota, Colombia. Pastor Wes proposed to Adriana in the Colombian city of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast and was married at a beautiful ceremony in Miami, Florida in June.

The couple returned to the UK in September and have since begun their global ministry as a couple, including in Colombia, the UK, Israel, the Philippines, South Africa, and Singapore.



Pastor Wes Richards' father, Billy Richards, founded the church in 1943. Today Pastor Wes oversees the church as Senior Pastor. His three children and their spouses also serve as pastors alongside other members of the King's Church International leadership team.