On Sunday 22 May 47 KCI members were honoured after completing Destiny Training, an interactive programme aimed at letting students fulfil their potential in life and leadership.

After completing Destiny Training, each student is now developing their small group and reaching into the community to see Jesus' love brought to the local area. God has called us to be fruitful and multiply and we believe that as a result of this training every student is prepared to enter God's purpose for their lives.

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Destiny Training has had a massive impact on people's lives which has changed the course of their marriages and families, developed leadership skills where they saw none in themselves, and seen people filled with the Holy Spirit like never before. Hear are some of their testimonies:

Elizabeth Smelt: " I've learnt that my first disciple is my son and that I need to lead by example and show him the ways of the lord so he can follow my lead."

Hayley Mockett: "Each week has been a new encounter with God, I felt the Holy spirit touch in a new way like never before."

Brian Clews: "I think the interactive nature of the evenings is so exciting...it's built me up , it's increased my confidence."

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David Hoddinott: "The family module brought me and my mum closer together, it's helped me to approach my mum with the word and as a result she's come to church and is open to prayer and we share experiences we just didn't before."

Naomi Churchill: "We started destiny training a few months after me and Sam got married and it gave us an opportunity to speak about things we never would have, and unpack things that have added foundations to our marriage that we otherwise wouldn't.

How Destiny Training Works

The course lasted for a year, being split into three terms, with every session featuring group tasks and practical real life examples alongside Bible teaching and training.

Destiny Training is split into six modules; with topics such as learning of God's love for you, having vision for your life, how to evangelise, having purpose as a family, being an effective leader and the Holy Spirit within you.

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There is huge potential inside of every individual and Destiny Training has helped students unlock this as part of a fun, engaging and interactive training course. It has been developed over many years by an international team of pastors, and is full of valuable teaching that's shared in a way that stays with people.

The Impact

To get more of a sense of the impact this course has had, please check out some of the video testimonies from previous Destiny Training students below.

The next year of Destiny Training is starting on Sunday 5 June. You can find out more about the course here.