What is Destiny Training?

There is huge potential inside of every individual. Destiny Training helps to unlock yours as part of a fun, engaging and interactive training course. Developed over many years by an international team of pastors, it is full of valuable teaching that's shared in an unforgettable way. To get a sense of the impact this course could have, please check out some of the testimonies from previous Destiny Training students below.


what will I be learning?

Destiny Training is split into six modules; Pastored in His love, The power of a vision, A winning strategy, Families with purpose, Effective leadership, and The Holy Spirit in me.

These modules are broken down into three sections over the 12 months, each with ten weekly sessions. Learn more here.


When is destiny training 2017-18?

Destiny Training 2017-18 runs from June 2017 to May 2018. Check out the dates for Destiny Training 2017-18 sessions here.

The next course will start in June 2018. If you're interested in reserving a place please email destinytraining@kcionline.org.


What does a session usually look like?

Every Destiny Training session features group tasks and practical real life examples alongside Bible teaching and training. Each of the six modules has a course book that takes you through every session and helps to add structure to your private study of the topics.


Who's it For?

Do you want to grow in your faith, become a great follower and someone who can lead others? Do you want to seek God's best for your life? Do you want to learn what it takes, in practice and in spirit, to be a leader? If any of these are true, Destiny Training is the interactive programme for you!

Those who get the most out of Destiny Training have made certain commitments before doing so. Learn about those here.


How Do I Apply?

Think Destiny Training is for you? Applications are open! There's a simple process to apply for the course.

If you believe Destiny Training is for you, please speak to your small group leader about it. They should be able to answer any questions!

After speaking to your small group leader, please apply using the link further down the page.

All applications will be subject to a short approval process before we email you with joining and payments instructions.


How much does it cost?

The cost for each Destiny Training term includes the student books & ten weekly training sessions. The cost of the course is subsidised by the church at £240 over the 12 months, with a concession price of £132 for; those retaking parts of School of Leaders* or Destiny Training, KCI Interns, over-65s, those in full-time education, and small group leaders who are accompanying their small group member(s).


How Do I Pay?

Course fees are payable by monthly direct debit (12 payments of £20 [or £11 for concessions]). You will be emailed instructions of how to set up your direct debit payments once your application has been approved. If you would rather pay in larger lump sums, please contact us. Money need never be a reason to stop you taking the course, so please contact destinytraining@kcionline.org with any questions.



If you are interested in joining Destiny Training but have any other questions, please email the team at destinytraining@kcionline.org.


*What if I did School of Leaders? If you have started or completed School of Leaders in the past, you may still be interested in Destiny Training as it is a fresh way of learning, with much of it being interactive work in groups, along with brand new content.