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Destiny Training

Want to grow in your faith, become a great follower and someone who can lead others? Then Destiny Training is the interactive programme for you!



Destiny Training

Want to grow in your faith, become a great follower and someone who can lead others? Then Destiny Training is the interactive programme for you!


What is destiny training?

There is huge potential inside of every individual. Destiny Training helps to unlock that as part of a fun, engaging and interactive training course. Developed over many years by an international team of pastors, it is full of valuable teaching that's shared in a way that stays with you. To get a sense of the impact this course could have, please check out some of the testimonies from previous Destiny Training students below.

what do I learn?

The Destiny Training topics are split into six modules that are taught in pairs:

1. Pastored in His love

3. A Winning Strategy

5. Effective Leadership

2. The Power of a Vision

4. Families With Purpose

6. The Holy Spirit in Me

These modules are broken down into ten sessions each which will be covered via three terms of ten evenings over a 12 month period.

What does a typical session look like?

Every Destiny Training session features group tasks and practical real life examples alongside Bible teaching and training. Each of the six modules has a course book that takes you through every session and helps to add structure to your private study of the topics.

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Who's It For?

Who's It For?


To apply for Destiny Training you're expected to be a committed member of a small group, have been on an encounter, serve in the church and most importantly be eager to develop as a disciple and your ability to lead others. You may not feel like a leader yet, but Genesis 1 declares that each of us has the potential to achieve great things in: serving people, being an example, and being an influence. Below are a few reasons to undertake the course.


As Christians, we are all called to fulfill the Great Commission - "Go and make disciples of all nations." (Matthew 28:19)


As well as becoming a great leader within KCI, you will develop skills, character and leadership strengths which will benefit every area of your life.

be part of a team

We're on a mission to build a dream team of leaders to drive the development, growth, and multiplication of the church. Be part of it!


Effective learning is provided through interactive sessions, real life challenges and teaching by people who have experienced and modelled the training in their own life.

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How to Apply

How to Apply

There's a simple process to apply for Destiny Training. Applications are now closed for Destiny Training 2016-17. Next year's applications will open in April 2017. For more information, please contact


If you believe Destiny Training is for you, please speak to your small group leader about it. They should be able to answer any questions!

Applications are now closed.


After speaking to your small group leader, you can apply using the form linked at the bottom of this page.

Applications are now closed.

3. approval & Payment

All applications will be subject to a short approval process; before we email you with joining and payments instructions.

Destiny Training starts on 5 June.


Course fees are payable by monthly direct debit: 12 payments of £20 (concessions: 12 payments of £11). You will be emailed instructions of how to set up your direct debit payments once your application has been approved.

Concessions are available to those who have completed terms of School of Leaders or Destiny Training and want to retake them, KCI Interns, over 65s, those in full-time education and small group leaders who are accompanying their small group member(s) on the course. 

What If I did School of Leaders?

If you have started or completed School of Leaders in the past, you may still be interested in Destiny Training as it is a fresh way of learning, with much of it being interactive work in groups, along with brand new content.


If you are interested in joining Destiny Training but have any other questions, please email the team at

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Course Content

Course Content

what topics are covered?

Destiny Training is spread over six modules, with two modules being covered each session. Below is a guide to the areas you will learn about over the course of the year.

Module 1:

1.  Jesus is my shepherd
2. Cultivating a relationship with God
3. The power of praise and worship
4.  Strengthened in God
5.  Spiritual warfare
6. The redemptive power of the blood
7.  The Bible will transform your life
8.  The anointing of the Holy Spirit
9.   The blessing of prosperity
10.  Building my church

Module 2:

1.    What is Vision?
2.    The principles of G12
3.    A firm foundation
4.    The vision of the government of 12
5.    Forming the best team
6.    Successful leadership
7.    The art of winning
8.    Blessing through the small group
9.    Ready to consolidate
10.  The power of the 144

Module 3:

1.    The present glory
2.    Key principles of winning
3.    The power of evangelism
4.    Effective evangelism
5.    The anointing to win
6.    Compassion
7.    Generosity
8.    Faith
9.    The small group vision
10.  Small group structure and development


1.    Family
2.    The roles of parents and children
3.    Inner healing in the family
4.    Seven pillars for a happy family
5.    The blessing of fatherhood
6.    Is this the right person?
7.    True love
8.    Seven steps for a successful courtship
9.    Strengthen communication in marriage
10.    God’s 10 commandments for the family


1.    A leader of faith
2.    The leader’s love for the sheep
3.    A leader that builds
4.    A leader with the heart of a servant
5.    A leader controlled by the Holy Spirit
6.    The leader and preaching of the word
7.    The leader and counselling
8.    The leader and supervision
9.    The price of leadership
10.   The leader and the formation of disciples


1.    Immersed in His spirit
2.    Preparing to receive the Holy Spirit
3.    Knowing the Holy Spirit
4.    The fruit of the Holy Spirit (1)
5.    The fruit of the Holy Spirit (2)
6.    The fruit of the Holy Spirit (3)
7.    Introduction to the gifts of the Holy Spirit
8.    Gifts of revelation
9.    Gifts of power
10.  Gifts of inspiration

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Course Dates

Course Dates

when will the sessions take place for destiny training 2016-17?

The sessions are spread into three terms, with two modules being covered each term. There are various breaks throughout the course which are listed below. 

Modules 1 & 2

Session 1: 05/06/16
Session 2: 12/06/16
Session 3: 19/06/16
Session 4: 03/07/16
Session 5: 10/07/16
Session 6: 04/09/16
Session 7: 18/09/16
Session 8: 25/09/16
Session 9: 02/10/16
Session 10: 09/10/16

Key Dates:
Launch Sunday: 21 May

Modules 3 & 4

Session 1: 16/10/16
Session 2: 30/10/16
Session 3: 06/11/16
Session 4: 13/11/16
Session 5: 20/11/16
Session 6: 08/01/17
Session 7: 15/01/17
Session 8: 22/01/17
Session 9: 29/01/17
Session 10: 05/02/17

Modules 5 & 6

Session 1: 19/02/17
Session 2: 26/02/17
Session 3: 05/03/17
Session 4: 12/03/17
Session 5: 19/03/17
Session 6: 23/04/17
Session 7: 30/04/17
Session 8: 07/05/17
Session 9: 14/05/17
Session 10: 21/05/17