We're excited to invite you to join the UK wedding celebration of Pastors Wes and Adriana. We are very pleased to have them home in Windsor and are looking forward to celebrating with them on two Sundays; 2 October and 9 October. We really hope you can make one of these dates.

We were originally holding the receptions on the 2 and 9 October but the event on the 2 October has now been moved to the 16 October. We also asked anyone that has booked a ticket for 2 October to please rebook your ticket for the 16 October.

Where people are in one of the church’s small groups we are asking them to attend on set days to help us organise numbers for the events. If you are not in a group or where this isn't possible due to prior commitments, please feel welcome to book a ticket for either event. Please see our suggestion below:


Terry & Margaret
Mike & Natasha
Mike & Jacqui
Tim & Clair
Paul & Lyndsey
Drikus & Mel


Wesley & Wilana
Greg & Dorota
Dushy & Dilini
Jamal & Brenda
Paul & Sarah
James & Vasti

This is a FREE ticketed event so please get your tickets as soon as possible this week. This will really help us with the planning and logistics.