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  • United Kingdom

Sunday Services are an opportunity to meet together in a larger group for worship, fellowship, encouragement and Bible teaching. We hold multiple Sunday Services every week at different times and venues depending on our venue availability. Find all of our services on the Services page.


After every Sunday Service, we host a welcome area on-site where you can meet more of the church family, receive prayer, and chat with some of the leadership team. Whether you’re new to church, want to chat with someone, or need prayer, please join us in this area after the service.


Children are welcome at our services and there are programmes for children of all ages at the first service each Sunday. Children’s programmes for 3-5 year olds are held on-site, and separate programmes for 5-9 and 9-13 year olds are held at the Windsor College. All services host a Family Room on-site for parents to use with children of any age.

Learn more about the programmes for each group at the Kids & Youth page here.