• Theatre Royal Windsor (map)
  • 30-32 Thames St
  • Windsor, England, SL4 1PS
  • United Kingdom

Sunday Services are an opportunity to meet together in a larger group for worship, fellowship, encouragement and Bible teaching. Join us from 9.45-11.15am at the Theatre Royal, Windsor on Sunday.

On Sunday 1 July we celebrate our 75th Church Anniversary with a service called DREAM AGAIN. This is a year of favour and blessing; it's a time to dream again together as a church and as families and individuals. After the service, we're going to celebrate the birthday of the church with a reception at the Harte & Garter Hotel.

Children are welcome at our services. On Sunday, we are inviting all children aged over 8 to join us for what is going to be an amazing service celebrating the 75th anniversary of the church. It's going to be full of media, videos, and worship, and very engaging. There will also be a content pack available for the children if needed.

Children aged 3-8 years will have a programme with teaching and games at the theatre. Their programme starts after the worship, and a slide on the screen will show you when to make your way to drop them off. There is limited capacity, so please arrive and register your children early (doors open at 9.30am).

Learn more about the normal weekly programmes for each group at the Kids & Youth page here.