• Harte & Garter Hotel (map)
  • Harte & Garter Hotel
  • Windsor, England, SL4 1PQ
  • United Kingdom

Sunday Services are an opportunity to meet together in a larger group for worship, fellowship, encouragement and Bible teaching. Join us from 9.45-11.05am or 11.30am-12.50pm at the Harte & Garter Hotel, Windsor on Sunday. Between the two hotel services, we meet for free refreshments in the hotel's Garter Bar.

This service is part of our Dream Bigger series, where we are celebrating 75 years of King's Church International and looking to the future and dreaming bigger dreams for what is going to happen in our lives, in our families, and in the church.

Children are welcome at our services and there are programmes for children of different ages. With our hotel services, there is a slight change to the normal weekly plans. There will be Family Room in the Garter Bar area during both services and kids programmes during the first service only.

During the first service, children aged 3-5 and 5-9 have separate programmes (register from 9.30am in the Garter Bar). Children aged 9-13 will join their family in the service to hear about the part they can play in bigger dreams for New Leaders. The second service has the same Family Room facilities and no separate kids programmes.

Learn more about the normal weekly programmes for each group at the Kids & Youth page here.