• Windsor Youth & Community Centre (map)
  • Alma Road
  • Windsor, England, SL4 3HD
  • United Kingdom

Kidz Klub is for children aged 5-11 and runs monthly. 

During the Kidz Klub programme this year we are going on the Adventure of a Lifetime in a search for God, and learning lessons from different Bible characters about how to be great explorers. Each month there will also be an explorer gadget for the children to collect and take home.

This month our adventure will continue in Windsor, where we be learning about what God's Kingdom is like and how to find the Kingdom here on earth.

As always the programme will include games and prizes, music and dancing, a Bible Story and fun activities through which children learn about Jesus and the Christian faith. There’s chance also for children to make new friends and to catch up with old ones in their small groups.

Registration opens at 9.20am to give parents time to get to the 9.30am Sunday Service at the Harte & Garter Hotel. Please note that no cars will be allowed into the car park between 9.45am and 11.30am.