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Every individual has huge God-given potential inside. Destiny Training helps to unlock yours as part of a fun, engaging and interactive training course. Want to learn more about Destiny Training? Visit the Destiny Training main page to learn how this course can change your life; with resources, information, and stories of people who have completed the course previously.

The 2018-19 Destiny Training course begins on 10 June 2018.

Weekly Sessions

Destiny Training has weekly sessions running on thirty Sundays throughout the year. Breaks in the course are designed to coincide with normal school holidays. The sessions are spread into three terms, with two modules being covered each term. Learn more about the content covered in each session here.


Session 1: 10/06/18
Jesus is my Shepherd
What is Vision?

Session 2: 17/06/18
Cultivating a relationship with God
The principles of G12

Session 3: 01/07/18
The power of praise and worship
A firm foundation

Session 4: 08/07/18
Strengthened in God
The vision of the government of 12

Session 5: 09/09/18
Spiritual warfare
Forming the best team

Session 6: 16/09/18
The redemptive power of the blood
Successful leadership

Session 7: 23/09/18
The Bible will transform your life
The art of winning

Session 8: 30/09/18
The anointing of the Holy Spirit
Blessing through the small group

Session 9: 07/10/18
The blessing of prosperity
Ready to consolidate

Session 10: 14/10/18
Building my church
The power of the 144


Session 1: 28/10/18
The present glory 

Session 2: 04/11/18
Key principles of winning
The roles of parents and children

Session 3: 11/11/18
The power of evangelism
& Inner healing in the family

Session 4: 25/11/18
Effective evangelism 
Seven pillars for a happy family

Session 5: 02/12/18
The anointing to win
The blessing of fatherhood

Session 6: 20/01/19
&  Is this the right person?

Session 7: 27/01/19
& True love

Session 8: 03/02/19
& Seven steps for a successful courtship

Session 9: 10/02/19
The small group vision
& Strengthen communication in marriage

Session 10: 17/02/19
Small group structure and development
& God’s 10 commandments for the family


Session 1: 24/02/19
A leader of faith
& Immersed in His spirit

Session 2: 03/03/19
The leader’s love for the sheep
& Preparing to receive the Holy Spirit

Session 3: 10/03/19
A leader that builds
& Knowing the Holy Spirit

Session 4: 17/03/19
A leader with the heart of a servant
& The fruit of the Holy Spirit (1)

Session 5: 24/03/19
A leader controlled by the Holy Spirit
& The fruit of the Holy Spirit (2)

Session 6: 07/04/19
The leader and preaching of the word
& The fruit of the Holy Spirit (3)

Session 7: 28/04/19
The leader and counselling
& Introduction to the gifts of the Holy Spirit

Session 8: 05/05/19
The leader and supervision
& Gifts of revelation

Session 9: 12/05/19
The price of leadership
& Gifts of power

Session 10: 19/05/19
The leader and the formation of disciples
& Gifts of inspiration