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Baptism is a defining moment in the life of any Christian; it symbolises the washing away of our sinful past and the chance to start a new life of righteousness in Jesus.

Jesus showed us the importance of baptism, choosing to do so not because He was sinful, but to demonstrate His obedience to God's will.

As Christians, we are called to respond and be obedient to God's command for our lives by being baptised in water, as told in 1 Peter 3:21;

“...and this water symbolises baptism that now saves you also - not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a good conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

So, baptism is not an optional extra. It is for everyone who has truly repented of their sins, who believes in Jesus and is willing to submit to His authority in every area of their life.

Your Baptism

On the night your leader and one of the senior leaders of the church will be the ones to baptise you, and you will also have an opportunity to share a short testimony about how you arrived at a decision to follow Christ and be baptised.

Please do invite your family and friends to come along to support you on this special occasion. We share light refreshments together at the end of the service and it’s always great to be surrounded by loved ones as you make this decision.

After the baptism your leaders will present you with a Bible and a certificate and take time to pray with you as you commit your life to Christ.


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