We are going to be praying and fasting together with the theme Your Kingdom Come. We believe that the Kingdom of light, love, and grace is more relevant than ever today.

We must pray together for:

  • God's Kingdom to come in our own lives
  • God's Kingdom to come in our families
  • God's Kingdom to come in releasing property for the church
  • God's Kingdom to come in The King's House School, Windsor
  • God's Kingdom to come in the general election

We will be praying around these points corporately at our morning prayer meetings from 6.30-7.30am at the Windsor Community Centre, but also as a church through individuals, families and small groups

We recommend when fasting to choose some item(s) to fast during the full 10 days, or to commit a full fast for a chosen period of time. To learn more about fasting and what it takes, check out our Guide to Word, Prayer & Fasting.

We have a United Prayer Meeting on Thursday morning to start the 10 Days, and a Worship Celebration at our Sunday Service on 14 May as well as our weekly events. We look forward to seeing you at these events to join in prayer. We're excited to see and hear testimonies of what God has done during this time.