We will be making a particular focus of prayer and fasting as a church from 03-12 May. At the start of each term we take the time as a church to focus on what God has in store for us and to prepare the ground spiritually for what's to come. 

In the coming months, we celebrate the church's 75th Anniversary, we will be hosting the national G12 UK Conference in London in June, and we are also believing for rapid church growth as more people become disciples of Jesus.

Everything needs to be covered and fuelled by prayer.

During the 10 Days Prayer & Fasting we would like all committed members of the church to; have more time for personal and family prayer; attend the morning prayer meetings, which will run as usual from 6.30-7.30am each weekday morning (exc. Bank Holiday Monday 07 May); and fast at least one meal a day. We also have three areas to focus on in prayer.


Please pray that God watches over every aspect of the church ministry, the pastors and members, and this nation.


Pray for financial blessing for the church and The King’s House School, Windsor, and for finances for property in both the UK and SA.


We want the church to prosper and grow in all areas. Please pray for your families, pray for the launch of new small groups, pray for many new people to come to Sunday services, and pray for the G12 UK Conference.

We also enjoy a Prayer & Worship Service during these ten days.