What is Windsor FoodShare?

Windsor Foodshare is a scheme set up to to provide non perishable food to families and individuals who would otherwise be unable to feed themselves. It was started in October 2013 and is based at Dedworth Green Baptist Church.The project is run in partnership with Windsor churches to provide support for people urgently in need of food. Those in need are then referred to local authorities such as social services, schools, GPs and church leaders.

Who Does It Help?

We are currently able to help up to 40 families per week from distribution points in Central Windsor and Dedworth.

We seek to help individuals or families where one or more people in the home are not able to eat one of more days during a week because they can not afford it.

How You Can Help?

  • By providing regular donations of food, which you can find a full list of here. Useful foodstuffs include; tinned meat, fish and vegetables; soup; rice; herbs and spices; cooking sauces; instant mash; tea bags; instant coffee; sugar; breakfast cereals; UHT milk; tinned desserts; cereal bars/biscuits; jams; and fruit juice. Other foods may not be able to be stored or used.
  • By volunteering to help with collecting, sorting and distributing food. 
  • By providing a collection point if you are a local business.

Where You Can Donate?

Our local collection points are Waitrose, Windsor and Tesco, Dedworth.

If You live Outside Windsor

If you are in need of help or want to provide support outside of Windsor there are many of local schemes you can get involved in. In Slough there is the Slough Foodbank, High Wycombe and Beaconsfield, have the One Can Trust and in Maidenhead there is Open Kitchen.