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What is

A new system built with leading cloud-based technology for King's Church International. It empowers members of the church to manage their details & preferences, and leaders within the church to co-ordinate their groups and activity. 


Connect on the go

Stay in the loop with the right people at the right time.

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Don't miss anything

Intelligent automation and notifications keep you up-to-date.


Access anywhere

Any device, any time. All you need is internet access.


Manage Preferences

Make sure you & your family are connected as wanted. You can keep your details & preferences up-to-date at all times.

  • Update your personal details and contact information

  • Update the details of your family and family members

  • Choose your preferences for media & communications

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Connect with people

Stay connected to the right people in your groups and teams, and help everyone grow and develop as part of the church family.

  • Find the details for your small group time and place

  • Coordinate your small group membership and other details

  • Connect with new people and welcome them to the church


Empowering leaders

Leaders have the tools to run their group, grow their team, and ensure everyone gets the support that they need.

  • Grow a team and be empowered to start a group

  • Intelligent reports on your activity as a leader

  • Help your team grow from strength to strength

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What's New?

Some of you might be aware of the old groups management platform ''. This was built a long time ago on redundant technology that isn’t suitable for the future. Here's what's changed.




Group Management
New Contact Management




Group Management
New Contact Management
Leadership Management
Easily manage relationships
Update personal details
Update family details
Mobile-first interface
Cloud-based technology
Scaleable infrastructure
Flexible platform
Connected relationships
Task-based activity
Automated communications


What’s Changed For Me?


Church members
You can now manage all of your personal details and family members' details in one place. 

Group leaders
You can now manage your contact with new church members and small groups in one easy location.