Everyone has a place

We believe that everyone is important, and everyone should feel at home in King's Church International. We have events, activities and ministries for people of all ages and stages of life.


Children have always been at the heart of the church’s ministry and thousands have attended from Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Reading and more over the years. We have a wide variety of ministries for children of different ages and stages; including babies & toddlers, pre-school, reception and school aged children. Learn more here.


The youth are part of the life of the church and they join in at the weekly Sunday Services which include teaching, preaching, worship, and more. The youth also gather in small groups throughout the week for teaching, prayer and ministry.



This age group is involved in many areas of the church’s ministries and meets together in small groups and at various social events during the week and weekends. All of the young adults are invited to join us at our weekly Sunday family service and get connected to find out more about the social activities.


We have a major focus on supporting and strengthening families, including single parents. We run marriage and parenting courses and provide personal mentoring to families at all stages of development. Families can join us for our weekly Sunday family service which have kids programmes for all ages. You can also find a group near you to receive practical support and build friendships.



We highly value and appreciate our senior church members and their faithfulness over the years. They are central to the prayer and support we receive as a church and they are a respected part of our family. We keep in regular contact in the small groups, and of course through phone and home visits. 


The men and women are involved in all areas of the church's ministries, whether in leadership, events, or ministry teams. There are conferences for men and women, small groups held across the area throughout the week and plenty of events and activities for both men and women.