Life Class is spread over nine weekends. This includes eight 90-minute sessions and a 3-day Encounter Weekend in the middle. The course covers content that can change your life! See all of the topics covered in the course below.


Weeks 1-4

Before the Encounter Weekend, on weeks 1-4, you will learn from these topics:

  1. Learning from our mistakes
  2. The best deal of your life
  3. The best experience of your life
  4. Life is a battle

Encounter Weekend

During the Encounter Weekend on week 5 you will learn some of the keys to develop in each of these areas of your life:

  • Family
  • Forgiveness
  • Identity
  • Healing
  • Opportunity
  • Love
  • Freedom

Weeks 6-9

After the Encounter Weekend, on weeks 6-9, you will learn from these topics:

  1. Discover the secret that will transform your life
  2. Your decisions define you
  3. Nothing less than God's best
  4. A new beginning

Do these topics sound like they're for you?

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