Senior Pastor

wes richards

King's Church International recently celebrated the 40 years that Wes Richards has been a pastor at the church founded by his father. In that time he has led the church through many changes and challenges, including the death of his wife, Carol, from cancer in 2002. But amidst this time of great sadness, hope and healing were on the way, as shortly after the three Richards children, Wesley, James and Melody met and then married two sisters and a brother from the same South African family. Pastor Wes now has 13 grandchildren, nine boys and four girls, aged 8 and under.

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Following the leadership model of Jesus

Pastor Wes Richards has a team of 12, made up of twelve married couples and consisting of pastors and other senior leaders.

KCI Senior 12 Leadership Team

These are Pastors Terry & Margaret Beasley, Pastors Drikus & Melody Erasmus, Pastors James & Vasti Richards, Pastors Wesley & Wilana Richards, Mike and Natasha Airey, Dushy and Dilina Goonawardhane, Paul and Lyndsey Harding, Tim and Clare Holmes-Clough, Jamal and Brenda Johnston, Greg and Dorota Nazaruk, Mike and Jacqui Simpson, and Paul and Sarah Webb.