The year of a lifetime

You can gain invaluable vocational skills and learn how to thrive as part of, or by leading, teams. All whilst building a firm foundation of Biblical knowledge, application and character development. Put in your all and you will unlock potential in every area of your life; including your career, character, and calling.

Alumni of the internship programme have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Various alumni are in roles as diverse as marketing managers, media producers, school teachers, accountants, production technicians, business consultants, salespeople and more.


What does it take?

Passion, drive, and character are expected, a love for God and a love for people are required, a long CV is not. If you care about the right things and have the right approach, we hope to build your skills and specialisms to match your effort over the duration your internship.

We’re looking for people who have something to bring to a specific ministry, or ministries, within the church. The most important attribute, though, is to be excited about the church of Christ itself, and your part in building it. We want you to change the world. And you might just do that!

Whether you’re taking a break from education, looking for a career change and training opportunities, want to be shaped and developed for ministry, feel called to the work in the church office, or a combination of these, The Internship is a year that will change your life.

The Internship is a part time, 3-day-a-week, 12 month programme.


HOW Do I apply?

1. Check Your CV

2. Write a cover letter

3. Hit the button below!


Looking for a school internship?

There is also a separate internship programme for The King's House School, Windsor. Roles include teaching assistance and school administration. You can apply for that internship using the same form, but will follow a different application process.