The year of a lifetime

The Internship provides invaluable vocational skills as you learn to thrive as part of a team. You get to build a firm biblical foundation for life and ministry and unlock the potential in the different areas of your life; including your career, character, and calling.

Alumni of the internship programme have gone on to become successful church leaders, entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Various alumni are in roles as diverse as marketing managers, media producers, school teachers, accountants, production technicians, business consultants, salespeople and more. Read some of their stories:


Edward Slade

Caleb Johnston

Hannah Plumley


What does it take?

Passion, drive, and character are expected. A love for God and a love for people are required. A long CV is not. If you care about the right things and have the right approach, we hope to build your skills and specialisms to match your effort over the duration of your internship.

We’re looking for people who have something to bring to a specific ministry, or ministries, within the church. The most important attribute, though, is to be excited about the Church, and your part in building it.

Whether you’re taking a break from education, looking for a career change and training opportunities, want to be shaped and developed for ministry, feel called to the work in the church team, or a combination of these, The Internship is a year that will change your life.

The Internship is a part-time, 3-day-a-week, 12-month programme. This year's internship started in September 2017. If you're hoping to join in 2018, please visit the interest form here.


How do I apply?


1. Check Your CV

Keep it short and simple. What have you achieved so far in education and career? It will also help to include a reference or two. Look for tips at the government careers advice service.


2. Write a cover letter

We want to hear about you! What do you like? Why are you applying? What are you passionate about? Let your personality come through. Look for tips at the government careers advice service.


3. Declare your interest

If you believe the internship is for you, you can submit your interest for joining the next intake in September 2018.


4. Interview

All successful applicants will be interviewed as part of the selection process. Come with conviction and clarity about why the internship is for you and be yourself! No dress code required. 


5. Appointments

The Internship 2017-18 started in September. The Internship 2018-19 will being recruiting in the Spring of 2018.


If you are interested in becoming an intern but have any worries or queries, please email the team at