Fundraising For KCI

Did you know whenever you shop online you could raise money for Kings Church International or The Kings House School? From your weekly groceries to your annual holiday, your online shopping could generate hundreds of pounds per year for KCI. It’s really simple, and doesn’t cost you anything!

KCI have registered with two sites that donate back the commission they would receive from online retailers for sending them a sale: 'Easy Fundraising' and 'Give As You Live' (links are provided below), and you can choose which of our causes to support (KCI ministries or The Kings House School).

There are nearly 3000 retailers including Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, M&S, Ebay and many others. All you have to do to start raising money is register and then click through to your chosen retailer’s site from either of the two fundraising sites.

Millions of pounds have already been raised for charities so this really does work!

This video explains briefly how you can get involved. How can you help the School? Raise £100s for free while you shop. Watch the video to find out more.

Get started in a few simple steps:

1. Register

If you haven’t used EasyFundraising and GiveAsYouLive before you will need to register an account and choose to support either “Kings Church International” or “The Kings House School”.

By registering through our personalized links below we will receive an additional donation:

Our pages are linked below and show the sums raised to date:

Kings Church International

Easy Fundraising Give As You Live

The King's House School

Easy Fundraising Give As You Live

Sign up today with Give As You Live and Easy Fundraising and decide to support either KCI or The

Kings House School as your charitable cause.

Easy FundraisingRegister to support KCI ministriesRegister to support The Kings House School

Give As You LiveRegister to support KCI ministriesRegister to support The Kings House School

Whichever link you choose determines which cause will receive the money raised from your online shopping - you can change this at any time. I

2. Browse

Search on these sites for the product or retailer of your choice and click through to visit their site. Accessing your retailer this way tells them you were referred by a fundraising site and they will pay a portion of the sales profit to us.

The price of your shoes or other product is exactly the same!

Note: If you go to a retailer’s website directly (not via, KCI or the school won’t get your donation. You can install the find & remind toolbar to help prevent this.

3. Buy

Make your purchase. After you buy your shoes, John Lewis make a payment back to Easy Fundraising or Give As You Live who collect this and donate it on to KCI or the school.

You should receive confirmation that your order has been detected by Easy Fundraising or Give As You Live although it may take a few days to confirm this with the retailer before your donation shows up online.

4. Gift Aid It

Easy Fundraising also enable you to Gift Aid your donation (an additional 20%).

This is enabled under “My Account > My Settings”, then ticking the Gift Aid box.

5. Receive Donation

Your donation will be automatically be credited to your account. Payments to KCI are then processed monthly.

In the past 12 months, with a small number of sample supporters we have already raised over £400 in this way. Imagine what we could achieve with the whole church community registering to raise donations when they shop online? Remember, this won't cost you anything extra!


High Street Shopping

By registering your credit or debit cards with Easy Fundraising you can now collect donations from high street shop purchases too!

Learn more

Sainsbury's Shopping

Get a Sainsbury's prepaid Everyday Shopping Card and each time you upload money to it to use instore Sainsbury's will donate 4% of your upload to KCI or The Kings House School for free.

Support KCI

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