This content originally appeared on the Christian Institute website. We wanted to make this valuable content easily accessible, so have republished it here.

"The General Election provides an opportunity for Christians to speak out and play their part in voting. Believers have to make a judgment about how their vote can be used to best effect.

The new Parliament elected on 8 June 2017 could vote on laws affecting religious liberty, freedom of speech, transsexual rights, abortion, designer babies, assisted suicide, teaching on marriage and relationships in schools, divorce liberalisation, drugs legalisation and prostitution. These are all issues of concern to Christians.

It is unlikely that you will find a party or a candidate you believe has all the right views. For many Christians there is a genuine dilemma over choosing a party or a particular candidate. Weigh the evidence and exercise your Christian conscience.

There are many ways of being a Christian citizen, but a General Election provides an excellent opportunity for Christians to be salt and light in our society. We must pray for wisdom and speak out for the truth."

As well as your right to vote, you have the ability and calling to pray! Pray every day for God's will to be done in the UK and in this election. You can listen to our recent series Your Kingdom Come to hear about the Kingdom Manifesto & prayer.

Also come along on Election Day, Thursday 8 June, from 6.30-7.30am at King's House. Our usual venue of Windsor Community Centre will be in use as a polling station.