In September we launched Life Class, a new nine week course which helps people to establish their Christian faith. The course is centred around giving everyone the opportunity to have a personal encounter with God.

An encounter is an incredible experience, it is the moment when you can witness the transforming power of God in your life and know that He longs to meet you face to face.

In the Old Testament, Job said, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you” (Job 42:5). That is the very heart of an Encounter - having a real and personal experience with the Lord. 

An Encounter with Jesus is the most wonderful experience a person can have, because it is the opportunity to receive the grace of God and begin a new life with Jesus.

Growing In Relationship With God

The most important thing for any Christian is to grow in relationship with God, through reading the Bible and praying. Life Class has enabled people to develop these habits through a simple devotional and Bible reading plan which draws out messages which help them in this stage of their walk with God. Each week everyone is presented with a life lesson which helps affirm their decision to follow Jesus and shows you which steps to take next.

David Hoddinott, who attended the first term of the course, said:

"The Life Class devotional guide helped me tell that my heart needed to be born again. What spoke to me is that born again Christians get up and want to read the Word. It encouraged me to spend time each morning reading the Bible."

Martin Ugbomah, another attendee said:

"I've learnt that God loves me even when I've gone on my own path. He accepts me with open arms and is forgiving not condemning."

A Life Changing Weekend

Half way through the course there was an encounter weekend, where everyone was given an extended time to meet with God and receive a personal encounter. It was a powerful time for all who attended, where Jesus spoke to everyone individually.

Chloe Longley said:

"It was great! It gave me the opportunity to spend time with God one on one and he spoke to me about my future and gave me a lot more clarity and guidance in areas I was unsure of before."

Taryn Charles added:

"It was my first encounter weekend! However, it doesn't end on Sunday (after the weekend), encounter is a life changing meeting with Jesus."

Jabez Smith said:

"I really believe that as young people this weekend we drew a line in history: deciding to live a life of freedom in Christ. Identities were renewed, family relationships were restored and we had a deeper understanding of God's unfailing love, presence and faithfulness!"

The first term of Life Class was completed 20 November 2016. Throughout the course there have been many great testimonies revealing Gods love, power and faithfulness. The next term of Life Class starts 15 January 2017; if you'd like to have a fresh revelation of what it means to encounter God, sign up for the next term of Life Class here.