King's Church International was well represented at the G12 International Conference in Bogota, Colombia as Senior Pastor Wes Richards led a team of 22 to join over 24,000 delegates from across the globe.

The conference took place between the 25-30 January, with the highlight being a 'night of miracles' in the church's car park, with over 40,000 people attending. This included incredible worship, with thousands of people committing their lives to Christ and seeing physical and emotional healing.

Pastor Wes shares about hope

Pastor Wes Richards was invited on stage during the conference, where he thanked Pastor Cesar Castellanos for the kindness and compassion he showed on their first meeting, shortly after the death of his wife Carol, and their subsequent friendship over the years. He also spoke of his amazement at God's grace, and blessing him with 13 grandchildren, 13 years after the death of his wife. 

Pastor Wes told how Jesus had compassion when he saw the multitudes and it is through his love for the world that he discipled a team of 12 to carry out everything he taught them when he returned to heaven and that we should follow this example. 

visit of Rabbi 

Another stand out moment of the conference was Chief Rabbi of Bogota, Shlomo Elharar, visiting on Holocaust Memorial Day. He thanked hosts Pastors Cesar & Claudia Castellanos for the invitation and spoke of how Jews and Christians can work together to see peace in the world and particularly in Israel. 

The Rabbi invited the delegation to join him in a song of traditional Jewish worship. In an incredibly powerful moment, over 12,000 people joined him in singing.

22 years of discipleship

The conference is an annual event which takes place every January and sets the theme for all G12 conferences taking place across the world that year. The Theme for 2016 is Send Your Rain.

The G12 vision is an evangelism and discipleship strategy to fulfil the Great Commission. It is founded upon the idea that every Christian can mentor and lead 12 people in Christian faith, following the example of Jesus.

It was conceived by Pastor César Castellanos in 1983 after he received a vision from God instructing him to implement this structure of groups of 12. 

It was first modelled in his church in Bogotá, Colombia which has grown from just eight people in his living room to over 150,000 members and has been implemented by churches in every continent, changing the lives of millions across the world. 

2016, a year of blessing

The conference spanned for six days with delegates from over 50 nations in attendance, from the likes of Brazil, South Korea, Sweden, USA, Russia and South Africa. 

The days comprised of worship, interviews, concerts and preaching sessions from internationally renowned speakers such as Pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos from Colombia, Pastor Basil Tyron from South Africa and Brazilian worship leader and pastor Fernandinho. 

The impact of a dream

Some of the most impactful aspects of the conference for delegate Edward Slade were the people from the church in Bogota:

"They are so hungry for and passionate about God. They really are a city on fire for Him and are such a great example of what can be achieved when everyone buys into and takes responsibility for the G12 vision."

He also added that he learnt;

"for the G12 vision to work, it is everyone’s responsibility to produce fruit. It starts by being discipled, by letting your leader minister to every area of your life, as they have been discipled by their own leader. Then you must go out share your testimony and build your own 12, in the model that Jesus gave us!

Stephen Wade who also attended the conference said:

"It was incredible to be worshipping God with over 40,000 people from so many different nations, there isn't an atmosphere that compares to it when the spirit of God is on so many people."
"The preaching throughout the week was life-changing, from talks on humbling yourself to letting go of everything for God, it changed my outlook on so many things, I am so thankful I had to the chance to go, I will never be the same again."

Another KCI delegate, Tom Penny, said:

"The conference changed my life – seeing the revival in countries around the world inspired the belief for change in our country."
I felt that when Pastor Cesar gave his testimony on how God used him as an ordinary person this helped me understand what God was really calling me for. 

The whole culture of the church was amazing, they were very uplifting and fun to be with. This is something I really took away and am hoping to pass onto our church."