The year of a lifetime

The KCI internship is a life-changing opportunity which gives you the chance to grow in your skill set, confidence and faith. The 12 month programme gives you the opportunity to serve in the King's Church International office on a voluntary basis and be part of many exciting projects the church is working on. You will have the chance to:

Serve and contribute as part
of the KCI office team


Obtain a broad set of
new career skills


Gain invaluable experience 

Travel overseas as
part of your role


Grow in your confidence
and character


Develop in your faith

We follow a simple three part process for all applicants: 

1. Apply

If you believe the internship is for you, apply now and don’t miss out. You can apply below.

1st Round: ends 31st May
2nd Round: ends 8th July

2. Interview

All successful applicants will be interviewed as part of the selection process.

1st Round: ends 17th June
2nd Round: ends 22nd July

3. Appointment

After reviewing all applications, final appointments will be made on 1 August.

The Internship 2016-17 starts on Wednesday 7 September.

If you are interested in becoming an intern but have any worries or queries, please email the team at

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