Celebrating the Royal Wedding

As a church based in Windsor, we’re excited to celebrate with Prince Harry and Meghan on the occasion of the Royal Wedding. We believe this is a very special and significant day. It is a celebration of love, marriage and family, and represents people from different nations and backgrounds coming together as one. 

We started celebrations on Sunday 13 May with a service themed How Prince Harry & Meghan Can Have The Best Marriage (and you can too!). We also showed a video of some of the kids of the church giving a little advice to Prince Harry and Meghan about how they can have the best marriage ever.

We join with the nation in sending our love and prayers and wishing them every happiness for their future as a married couple.


How Prince Harry & Meghan Can Have The Best Marriage

(and you can too!)

Royal Wedding - Prince Harry and Meghan

This message was shared by our senior pastor Pastor Wes Richards, who has given wedding addresses and shared marriage advice to many couples over the years as a pastor. He spoke from the passage in John 2 about Jesus’ attendance at a wedding in Cana, Galilee.

Marriage is a topical subject for Pastor Wes having recently remarried after 14 years. His first wife Carol passed away in 2002. Since then he has become a grandfather of 13 children and in 2016 he met and married a beautiful and lovely woman from Colombia in 2016.

Here’s a sneak peak from their wedding:


Welcoming the World to Windsor

As a church which meets in homes across the Royal Borough, around the Thames Valley, and also every Sunday at the Theatre Royal, Windsor (opposite the castle!), we’re excited to see hundreds of thousands of people flock to the town for this enormous celebration.


The location of this year's royal wedding at St George's Chapel is just metres away from our weekly service location, and has been a place of worship for the Royal Family for hundreds of years. Built by kings, shaped by the history of the Royal Family and still the location for splendid Royal events as well as private family moments, it’s a beautiful place for Prince Harry & Meghan to celebrate their wedding day.

St George's Chapel Windsor Royal Wedding.jpg

The couple have invited 800 guests to join them inside the chapel for the ceremony, plus 2,640 members of the public to celebrate.

Many thousands will be flocking to Windsor to join the festivities and billions will be following the Royal Wedding via television, radio, and online. Two billion watched Prince William and Kate’s wedding in 2011 and three billion are expected to tune in to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. This event could easily be the biggest global event of 2018, bigger even than the World Cup in the summer of this year.

We pray for the health and blessing of the couple on their special day and in the years to come. Prince Harry & Meghan, lots of love to you both from all of us here at King’s Church International.

For more information about the royal wedding, please visit the royal website at royal.uk or Royal Borough website at rbwm.gov.uk.