"If you just say 'Lord, here I am, I'm sold out for You', then there is going to be an amazing blessing on your life."


Caleb is a nineteen year-old film-maker who is currently finishing his first year on The Internship. After finishing school, Caleb wanted to find a way to honour God through his films and discover God's purpose for his life. He decided to send in his application for the Internship. After spending a year in the communications team, directing and shooting short films and documentaries, Caleb now shares how this has been his best year yet. Check out more inspiring stories from The KCI Internship Alumni here.


What were you doing before The Internship?
I was on my last year of A-Levels studying music, technology, media studies and theatre studies. I got my grades, did pretty well and was basically looking at my options. At first I really didn't want to do the Internship though. I just wanted to do what everyone else was doing and go straight off to uni. Then Pastor Wes spoke to me one day and explained what The Internship was all about.


What did he tell you?
He said about how it wasn't about 'not going to university' or skipping other options that we might have, but it was about being equipped for going into your calling, preparing you to reach out to people, and building you as a leader. 

Did that make you change your decision?
That definitely made me re-think it! Then I was speaking to friends in the church, and there was a real desire for me to be there and a love that I really needed in that moment. To hear how many people wanted me to do it and that were excited for me to do it really encouraged me. I started to pray about it and felt I wanted to see a change in my life. I wanted to find more direction. So it was a combination of those things that led to me to apply for The Internship.


What did you find when you started working in the office?
I headed into the communications and media team mainly doing video editing and film-making. Aside from the practical things what I found was how much space your mind has to grow. Being in such a creative place allowed me to really develop my own creativity. I did learn a lot on editing software, using professional cameras, audio, lighting, script writing and so many things that I didn't have exposure to before, but even the environment alone allowed me to develop and grow more than I ever had before.


How would you describe your year?
When it first started it was so exciting. Getting to know the rest of the team, settling into my new role and learning a lot of new skills. A few months go on and it doesn't slow down! We started the big Christmas productions and went on some crazy adventures for that. Another month flies by and I'm then in Bogota, Colombia. That trip is in January so you get to start off the new year in a truly powerful way. Then literally a month later I had the opportunity to go to South Africa and plan Easter events for thousands of kids. There isn't a dull moment. I think often in life we get exciting seasons and some less exciting times but throughout my year on The Internship there was never a boring part. The year as a whole, if I had to give it one word, is just exciting!

Dancing on stage with Martin Smith at the G12 International Conference in Bogota, Colombia.

Dancing on stage with Martin Smith at the G12 International Conference in Bogota, Colombia.


What impact has your decision to do The Internship had on your life?
Taking the time away from school helped me to get my act together. It gave me time to think about what my next move was going to be instead of just following the crowd. Spending that time in the church environment has made me develop and grow more than I ever imagined. I'm going forwards with such a greater perspective for what I want with my future. I feel like I have no limits! I've dropped things that were holding me back and want to go and achieve the best in my life. The Internship has given me the vision I needed to chase my dreams. I always had a lot dreams but I didn't know the steps I needed to take. I've had a year of growth and preparation for going out into the world. 


Why should other people choose to do The Internship?
The Internship isn't just about roles. Although I fitted my role and worked in the media team, the year was about growing as a leader and developing every area of my life. It was an opportunity for God to fine-tune and sharpen me. I think it's a decision everyone needs to make! If we believe that God is the same God of all the miracles and heroes in the Bible then just imagine what he can achieve in your life if you dedicate your time to Him. If you just say 'Lord, here I am, I'm sold out for you', then there is going to be an amazing blessing on your life. Don't worry about what you're going to be doing or whether you fit a certain role in the office. You can know that God will do a great work in your life if He's called you to do The Internship and you obey!


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Applications are now open for The Internship 2017-18. You can find out more about the roles and requirements by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!