Celebrate Christmas
with Joseph & Mary


Joseph and Mary will be taking the kids through their Christmas experience this year at King's Church International. From the Kids Christmas Special on 3 December through to every week's Christmas Celebration, the Little Big Heroes Joseph & Mary will be there. 


Family Christmas Celebrations

On Sundays 10, 17, and 24 December all children will be joining their family in the theatre. The kids team will be on hand in each section, and there are incredible Christmas Booklets which help the children to be involved and engaged each week (see below). Children in pre-school will have a separate programme available about halfway through the service.


Your Christmas Booklet


The kids team have produced an amazing booklet for your children which leads them through the Christmas story each day, and helps them engage with the teaching at the Christmas Celebration every Sunday. To help them engage with the Bible and make the most of the Christmas message, there are a couple of things you can do: 

1. complete the booklet every day

Each day there is a challenge, question, or fact for your child to complete alongside a small part of the Christmas story which they can read. We also have some weekly family challenges and crafts that will give ideas to engage in the Christmas story together.

2. come to the services as a family

Don’t miss any of our Christmas Celebrations every Sunday at the theatre. We have special gifts and activities for the children at every service, and a sticker set to complete on page 2 of the booklet; only available at the services! Please remember to bring a pencil case -- we will have some spare pens and pencils but the children will have even more fun with a larger selection of their own!

Booklets will be available to collect at every service in December. If the children end up losing their booklet, tell them not to worry; we will have spares available at every service!